Friday, 10 August 2012

Eritrean Movie 2012 -- Debengere (ደበንገረ)

New Movie 2012 

Debengere (ደበንገረ) , is one of the best movies that released in summer  2012 in my top 10 category this movie is on 3rd place  next to mlat new 2012 , (suzinino movie  , honestly i don't have it but i'll try to get it and upload it soon ) one level up from Mahlet new 2012 movies these movies are some of the best movie of summer 2012 , and there are best movies like degsi , winta , bahran and others be our followers and we will update you those new moie ASA we can .

And For today Enjoy , Debengere (ደበንገረ)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Eritrean Movie 2012 -- Mahlet (ማህሌት)

The most newest movie of 2012 , even Asmara cinemas didn't show it yet .Be first to watch it and prepare to watch high school 2012 (Harif) movie .
for now Watch Mahlet 2012 movie

Mahlet (ማህሌት)-Part 1 <<  Click there to watch 

Mahlet (ማህሌት)-Part 2  <<  Click there to watch 

Mahlet (ማህሌት)-Part 3 <<  Click there to watch